Template Buffalo TeraStation TS4500R

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  • 20.10.2016: erste Version

Download: Template_Buffalo_TeraStation_TS4500R.xml

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  • Items for all 4 Harddisk with Value Mapping
    • Disk Status (in Array or Standalone)
    • Disk SMART Status (with Trigger)
  • Array
    • Capacity
    • Status (Raidlevel) with Value Mapping
  • Failover
    • Partner
    • Role (with Trigger) with Value Mapping
    • Status
  • Services with Value Mapping
    • FTP
    • Mail Notification
    • NFS
    • SFTP
    • SMB (with Trigger)
  • System
    • Firmware Version
    • Firmware Update available with Value Mapping
    • Product Name
    • Serial Number

Template was creating with using the TeraStation MIB File from Manufactor. Template contain NOT all possible Items.
Siehe auch: https://share.zabbix.com/storage-devices/baffalo-terastation-ts4500r

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